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Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Marco Santaniello

E' sempre piacevole allargare i propri orizzonti. Lo scopo di questo blog è farvi scoprire sempre qualcosa di nuovo e quest'oggi è il turno di Marco Santaniello. Per ottimizzare l'intervista e renderla quanto più interessante possibile, abbiamo chiesto ad un'appassionata ed intraprendente lettrice del blog - molto più esperta di noi sull'argomento - di intervistare Marco. Ecco il risultato.

Irene Papa) Hello, introduce yourself to our readers.
Marco Santaniello) Hi, I’m Marco Santaniello, a sort of 360° artist focused on fashion and graphic design. I don’t believe neather in the church nor in any forms of governments. I love to see myself as a pacific anarchist. I like the PoPArt world but I’m also so passionate about vintage and everything contemporary. I don’t like old and ancient places.

IP) You're famous for your full-colored portraits of fashion system's stars, bloggers, stylists. How did you have this idea ? What are your sources of inspiration ?
MS)I don’t have real sources of inspirations, I mean I’m a great observer of all the things that surround me, but I don’t have specific sources. Of course I love Andy Warhol and his idea of factory and many other artists, but I love my stuff above all. The idea came in my minds totally for a casuality. I just wanted to learn how to draw, ‘cos I’m not good at drawing by hand at all. So That’s it.

IP)How do you think you can evolve as artist in the future for not becoming boring or ripetitive ?
MS)This is not my problem, this is a problem that the art world, the people and the critics have to face, but not me. I won’t be boring or repetitive by my point of view :) and If u’re talking about the fact that I do pop portraits, I tell u that of course I’m already working on new more complicated projects and graphics, totally different from the portraits. Anyway I’m sure I’ll always do the portraits cos I love to do them and people all over the world seem to like them too. U can find my pop portraits on many top fashion blogs like chicmuse and (P.s. I’m in love with Chicmuse).

IP) You have organised some not-authorised fashion shows in towns like Milan, Rome and Paris. How did people agree your initiative ? It was just a way to make media talk about you or did you want to express a kind of contraculture ?
MS)I never do something just only for making people talking about me. I always want to send messages to the world, really clear and simple messages so also the supertop ignorant of the world can understand it easily and maybe this way I’ll open the people’s eyes. I know it’s a bold statement but that’s my intention. YOU’RE BECOMING LIKE ROBOT PEOPLE, PLEASE WAKE UP AND SHUT DOWN TV, CHURCH, AND DON’T READ DAILYNEWSPAPERS (they don’t say the truth……there’s always a FILTER)

IP)Your works ciruculate aboveall on the web. What would be ''art'' for you and how you would be ''artist'' it there was not internet ?
MS)that’s a good question, unluckily I can’t really answer u cos I think the world and life are already so complicated and difficult, so why we have to think about problems that don’t exist :) ? anyway I suppose I would have found some other way to show my skills :) never give up!

IP)In the most of the italian contemporary art museums there are the masterpieces of artists like Mimmo Paladino or Michelangelo Pistoletto that we love so much, but they are not the youngest names in our panorama. In your opinion, how can you identify a real artist today ? Give us some cool names that you think are really remarkable now in Italy.
MS)I think there’s a big lack in the nowadays PoP Art, that’s why I’m confident that I can conquer this field; I also think that many artists are really really overrated. It’s plenty of exhibitions out there and also on the internet, so I just prefer to say: keep following me ‘cos I’m creating something really new and I’m also a strong and funny character, so u’ll love me :)

IP)Say goodbye to our followers in your favourite language and leave us with a song.
MS) Hi people GO OUT AND CREATE and try to take always the decisions who make u happy and don’t care about what people could think about that. People are just people.

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