sabato 15 gennaio 2011

Casa Del Mirto Day | Fine

Leonora Fortunati ©  
Siamo arrivati alla fine di questo viaggio.
Fino ad ora ci siamo concentrati soprattutto sulla musica, volevamo concludere però il tutto rapportandoci/vi anche alle liriche. Un modo per ricrearsi degli scenari diversi partendo dalle parole ovvero un semplice modo per cantarle queste canzoni.

The Right Way

How can I find the right way?
If you could just see that light...
Two ways to choose

The Haste

Hide your face and run away
Take your pills, don't cry again
The haste you taste grows up, grows up
Lose your breath and burn your home

Pain in my hands

All your pain in my hands
"Is not easy" you say
The sun is showing the plan
It trys to burn my point of view

All this noise is killing me
I need a place to hide my bones
where do we go nobody knows
the sun could fall, the whales will die

Killer Haze

Killer haze... catch someone else, yeah
all those tears are something to hate, yeah
Hidden blaze... what's your creed?
all those tears are something I hate, yeah

This is how I feel

Fairy Tales for Moonwalkers

Here's the night
everybody can hear my voice
Here's the end
everybody can see my face
Tonight my sky is black


The sound of waves
inside me
outside of me

The faces on my wall
The faces in the sea
The faces in my life
are watching me...

Deep In Your Mind

In the way before us
The daily crash
I turned to look at you
And the face I saw
One true love
Was crying
From time to time this night fades out
From time to time this night will end
Deep in your mind, from time to time

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