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Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Bag Raiders

We're totally in love with Australian Bag Raiders, so guess how we're happy to show to you the interview Francesca did for us. Ladies and gentlemen, it's our pleasure to introduce to you ... Bag Raiders.

1) Hi! Introduce yourself to our followers

How's it going!? We are Bag Raiders. I am Chris and my musical amigo is Jack. Nice to meet you

2) I'm very happy for this interview, your album is really one of the best ever. We've been waiting since your first EP in 2007, how come did it take you so long?
We started out making club tracks, and we hadn't planned to do anything more than that really. Originally we were happy putting out a 12inch every now and then and doing remixes here and there, but then after a while we decided we wanted to get more into the songwriting side of things, and experiment with some different styles of music. It seemed like an album was the perfect vehicle for that sort of freedom of expression so that's what we did.

3) We are curious to know how the idea of using a monkey for the video of SUNLIGHT was born!

All the credit here has to go to Fleur and Manu, the french videomakers who dreamed up this awesome idea for our film clip. It won us over right away. We are very happy with this video, I think it is my favourite out of them all so far.

4) Lately, australian music gave us a lot of nice things (You, Cut Copy, Miami Horror, Cassian etc), just like France did with the french-touch. What do you think about this success?

It's great to see so many local acts from Australia get worldwide acclaim. There is a definite dance/dancepop movement in Australia and it has been quite a strong scene since the early 2000's so it's good to see it develop into what it has become today, because a lot of Australian artists have a lot to offer, so i am very happy for it.

5) Is there an italian song that you'd like to remix?

i really like "dreaming" by Rainbow Team... Killer riffs and a lot of funk.
6) What are your plans for this summer? Festivals, concerts? We hope to see your live in Italy soon, you have a lot of fan here!

We are planning on doing some festivals and concerts in Europe. We would LOVE to come to Italy. I have never been. My only experiences of Italy have been in movies like Roman Holiday, and Eat Pray Love.. I love italian food and i heard that the Italians know how to have an amazing party, so we are really looking forward to coming to Italy sometime soon to play!

7) We have finished, greets the followers in your preferred language and suggest us a song

Farewell to you from us! If you are looking for something to listen to, check out "falling out" by Body Language... it's a jam!


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