venerdì 3 dicembre 2010

Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Eskmo

Le domande secche di oggi sono per Eskmo.

1)Hi, introduce yourself to our followers
My name is Brendan Angelides. I write music as "Eskmo" and I live in San Francisco. I have music released on Ninja Tune, Warp and Planet Mu. I also run an independent record label called "Ancestor".

2)How did you come up with the name "Eskmo"?
It was inspired by an album called "Eskimo" which was released by The Residents in the mid 70's. it had themes of Inuit / Eskimo life ranging from death / life / family and shamanism. I decided to create a musical persona based on that.

3)Are there any musicians who inspire you?
Tom Waits, Amon Tobin, Thom Yorke, Susumu Yokota, Mew, The Residents, Bjork, Gas, Aphex Twin and others.

4) Have you got plans for the next future?
To work on another Eskmo album, more worldwide touring and diving further into video content for the web as well as live.

5)We've finished. Greets the followers in your preferred language and recommend us a song.
Arigato Gozaimasu!
And a song recommendation...
Wildbirds and Peacedrums : "Fight for Me"

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