giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Interview w/ Petra Cortright

Come definire Petra Cortright? Il suo sito web fa capire parecchio, ma abbiamo deciso di intervistarla per saperne di più e presentarvela.

1) Hello Petra, introduce yourself to our readers.
hi :D

2) How do you describe your works?
kind of a broad range of styles i guess... i make videos, digital landscapes, digital paintings, animations/animated gifs - i used many different softwares- photoshop, after ffx, maya, webcam softwares. i like to try out a lot of different stuff

3) From the beginning to now, how has it changed the way you create?
i try to be more disciplined with finishing things i start, although that is still pretty difficult for me sometimes. i have branched out with techniques and software and started making physical work this year - some prints on satin. but overall i think the core of how i think and how i work is the same, it relies on a lot of intuition, but like i said i am trying to be more disciplined because relying on intuition makes it difficult to plan out larger projects and it especially makes working for commission very challenging.

4) Where do you get your inspiration?
it can come from anywhere - but something i definitely notice that affects me is seeing different landscapes, growing up in california i always loved looking at the mountains and the ocean and watching the changes in weather and the changes in the quality of light or certain colors of light. also a lot of inspiration comes from surfing google images, that is probably my favorite part of the internet. i save a lot of images, sometimes i end up using them and sometimes not - i like to hunt around and just keep going down different paths. usually that ends up that i will change drastically from my beginning idea but that is ok i have learned to accept that about the way i work. its usually very frustrating for me to try and execute exactly the ideas in my head because i am always disappointed that it doesn't come out the way i wanted, so its better to embrace a more general outlook and just continue when something is working even if its totally different than what i had set out to do. i think if you keep an open mind then its easy to be inspired and its more enjoyable to live that way :)

5) What are your future plans?
i wish i knew - things are very unclear right now - im living in santa barbara, california which is where i was born and raised and im living with my mom :) but its sort of temporary - probably spring 2012 i am going to move somewhere but i have no idea where haha. all my friends are in the bigger cities, LA, NYC, Berlin and i miss living in cities because there is so much going on but its also more expensive and the quality of life gets lower. i do a lot of ocean swimming and running here and the weather is always really nice, in cities you dont get to take time as much to do that kind of stuff… sooo…we will see...

6) We've finished. Greets the readers in your favourite language and suggest us a song.
i como el español - espero que algún día yo pueda hablar con fluidez. me gustaría recomiendo waka flocka flame - hard in da paint

muchas gracias :D

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