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Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Roxanne Dekker

di Irene Papa

Roxanne Dekker è una delle tante giovani e più o meno talentuose artiste dell'era 2.0.
Utilizza Tumblr e Blogspot per condividere le sue illustrazioni e ama i collage come fosse una bambina.
A differenza degli altri pseudo-creativi della sua generazione è finita su Elephant, patinato magazine d'arte contemporanea a tiratura limitata ed esclusiva, per aver partecipato al progetto Young Unknown Artist organizzato dall'Heineken.
Noi le abbiamo fatto qualche domanda per levarci un paio di curiosità.
Buona lettura.

1) Hi Roxanne, introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi , I'm Roxanne Dekker , 29 years old and I Live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am a freelance illustrator and artist. 

2) When did you start to realize your illustratons ? 

After finishing my study Pedagogy I went to Artemis (Amsterdam) and studied Fashion Styling. This was not a study for illustration, but every time I had the chance I made an illustration. This was a good choice because I finished Artemis with a Cum Laude degree. Since then I'm a freelance illustrator. 4 years now. 

3) Are there some contemporary artists you are particularly inspired by ?

  Wow, I have a lot! I will tell you a couple: Jeff Koons, Carine brancowitz, Piet Paris, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Piet Parra, WE MAKE CARPETS, Yago Hortal, Things Organized Neatly, Massimo Vitali, Yosigo, Viviane
 Sassen, Erik Sandberg .

4) The frames you gather for your collages seem to be done just for your works. How do you look for e how do you choose them ?
  I collect a lot of old pictures and postcards, flyers, posters, all kinds of paper, pictures from newspapers and magazines. Of course I also find a lot  on the internet and take my own picures.

 5) Do you try to communicate deeper meanings or your compositions are simply the result of the moment's ispiration ?

Both. Most of my collages start with inspiration I get from a photo / picture; I want to chance it, make it ROX. But the final result is most of the time a mix between the emotions I have at that moment and the feeling the  
 picture gives me.
 When I draw or paint this is a different story. Then my choice of color and material has a lot to do with the state I am in that moment.  My work is never planned, it is almost always made with the naive rush that children  have. I forget about time totally.

6) I noted you have a special relationship with Italy and aboveall with Naples. Tell us three things that hit you, but not three stereotypes.

The collages about Napoli are made on my vacation in Napoli. This was my first visit to Italia. I fell in love. The three things that hit me where the beautifull rawness of the city, small children and babies on scooters without protection and all the shop windows with purple clothes. I guessed that had something to do with the pope. This inspired me for my collage : 'Welcome mister Pope' (see attachment) which I made on a terras in Napoli.

7) Let's talk about the Heineken Project you partecipate in.

Latoya from WHAT I LOVE DOING approached me for a project called MYKEA. I am a designer for this company now. Later creative agency NINETHIRTY / 09:30 asked her to find artists for the HEINEKEN EXPERIENCE in Amsterdam and again she approached me. For Heineken I made illustrations with themes as: football, Champions League and London. It was the first time my illustrations were printed so big and that was a fantastic experience. Everybody that wants to exhibit there can contact  09:30(

8) What's your project for the future ?

Here in Amsterdam we have Museumnacht (Museumnight) every year in November. Almost all museums are open by night so you can see art but also party. I'm making the flyer for agency PUP which organizes an event that night in 'Het Amsterdam Museum'. I'm also in a dj-group called The Pony Peaches (7 women) and we are playing music there. On top of that I'm also an exhibitor at this party.
I also make a lot of 'free work', most of the the time collages made from newspaper photo's. Or I make new drawings in my TOEVALLIGE BOEK (
Since a year now I'm also a children's book illustrator, this makes me 
really happy. (

9) Say goodbye to our followers and recommend us a song.

Ok in Dutch: Nou, toedeloe, tot ziens en bedankt.
My new favourite song is a song from the movie 'The Future' by Miranda July:  Master of None by Beach house.

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