domenica 3 luglio 2011

Crookers present Dr Gonzo - Annie Mac Minimix BBC Radio 1

Ennesimo post sui Crookers che per presentare il secondo ep del progetto Dr Gonzo hanno realizzato il consueto minimix per Annie Mac. In realtà il minimix di consueto ha poco o nulla, ma non vogliamo svelarvi troppo.
Di seguito la tracklist e lo streaming:

1 Crookers Noise + Pitched aliens screaming Dr.Gonzo & Crookers
2 Dr.Gonzo granulated efx by Bot and his Ipad
3 Dr.Gonzo -GTFOMH (Phra bongocensuredvocal)
4 Crookers "big drive 808"
5 Dr.Gonzo -Bust'em up (falsetto version)
6 Computer kidz -yeahyo Acapella
7 Cheesy piano rave sample by Crookers
8 Dr.Slot -Chocolate
9 Crookers Ft.Wax Motif and Neoteric -Springer (Phra drunk version,recorded with BB Bold in Sydney)
10 Crookers -Big 808 groove with some real clap
11 Crookers Ft Keith and Supabeatz -woh a do (Acca version + Granulated Bot efx)
12 Crookers - Love to edit SKREAMING! rmx (:
13 Crookers -beat for Annie Mac minimix
14 Dr.Gonzo Anthem Acca
15 Cheesy Rave sound + Dumbblonde autotuned + GO! from my neighbourhood
16 Crookers Ft Lazy Ant and HMA -Carcola + Reversed Autotune + kase 2 from Style Wars
17 Crookers & CArli -Dr.Gonzo Anthem
18 Crookers Ft Lazy Ant and HMA -Carcola
19 + Phra the autotuned Italian dood
20 Crookers - Dushi (Dr.Gonzo)
21 Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation (delay version)
22 Crookers Ft. Carli and Marcus - CMP (Dr.Gonzo preview)
23 Crookers -end of the world in delay and reverb
24 Soul Glo commercial
25 The real Dr.Gonzo from a documentary called Gonzo.

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