sabato 18 giugno 2011


Leonora Fortunati ©
Per il quinto giorno di regali, siamo particolarmente lieti di presentarvi un pupillo del blog, Summer Heart. Gli abbiamo fatto qualche domanda per conoscerlo meglio e gli abbiamo chiesto di fare un minimix con tutto ciò che ascolta al momento. L'artwork è di Leonora Fortunati. La selezione di Summer Heart. Questo è tanti auguri dlso #5.
It's our pleasure to introduce to you our beloved Summer Heart. Take a look at the chat we made with him and his marvelous mixtape with his favourite tracks at the moment. The artwork below belongs to Leonora Fortunati.

1) Hello, introduce yourself to the readers.
My name is David and I am a 27 years old guy from the south of Sweden who loves making music! I guess that’s more or less everything!

2) How did you come up with the name "Summer Heart"?
From the beginning I called the project “Sommarhjärta” which is Swedish for Summer Heart. When bloggers noticed my project I realized that the Swedish name wouldn’t work so I changed it to English. The name it self doesn’t mean anything in particular. I always long for summer and that special feeling it gives you so I guess I have a summer heart!?

3) When did you start to make music?
I have been playing music as long as I can remember. My parents are musicians and there were always a lot of instruments lying around when I grew up. I guess I just started to play guitar one day and then I continued! I can’t remember starting playing. It just came kind of natural! But as Summer Heart I started making songs in 2009.

4) When i listened to "Please Stay" i thought "Damn, it's really amazing!". How it turned out?
I have no idea. I just had a feeling and made a song out of it and it turned out pretty well! I showed the song to my friend Hendrik, who runs the music blog and he told me wanted to post it in his blog cause it was such a great song! So I guess I have to give him a little thanks! Thanks Hendrik!

5) Let's focus on you. What's the plans for the future?
At the moment I am recording a new EP which will contain 3 tracks. It will be out in about a month! After that I am going to do a little bit of touring. Really looking forward to it! I am also working on collaborations with two of my favorite artists at the moment! Teeel and Sameblod! It’s going to turn out really well!

6) We have done, say goodbye to the readers in your preferred language and recommend a song.
Hejdå kära läsare! En låt ni verkligen måste lyssna på är Teeel – Galilean Moons

1. Teeel - Galilean Moons
2. Work Drugs - Third Wave
3. Summer Heart - Hold On
4. Sameblod - Cut The Rope
5. Germany Germany - Natural feat.Donne
6. Death In The Afternoon - Why Do I Always Fail
7. Beach Fossils - Face It
8. Delorean - Real Love
9. The Raveonettes - Breaking Into Cars
10. Billy Corgan - To Love Somebody

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