martedì 12 aprile 2011

Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Flight Facilities

Schizzo did it again. This is her chat with Flight Facilities.

1) Hi! Introduce yourself to our followers

We're Flight Facilities. We're a dj duo and we're pretty secretive about where we're from.

2) Considering your name and logo, if you weren't djs, i suppose you would be flying airplanes right now.

Perhaps. It was probably the only other logical thing to do with our name. Neither of us can imagine what we'd be doing if we weren't making music though. If everything goes wrong and the music career doesn't work out, maybe we'll start the Flight Facilities airline up again and try to see the world as pilots.

3) Honestly, did you expect such a big succes for "Crave You"? And how was the collaboration with Giselle?

We had no idea it would be this successful. It was a track we made for fun in a bedroom. It was great to work with Giselle. We were constantly passing the song back and forth until we achieved the final result. We weren't even sure if radio would play it when it was done. It's probably been the biggest surprise of our lives. We're just hoping awe can attain the same result with future singles.

4) Do you have any favourite music blog you regularly follow? (Besides ours, obviously :D)

We do enjoy toomanysebastians. They've been good friends of ours since we started making music. Even before that, we were regular visitors to them. Other than that we usually just share music among from friends. Beatport and Juno are the only other ways to stay up to date. It seems as though everyone has new music first. It's so hard to keep up with now.

5) You were in Naples in October for a dj set. I bet the thing you still remember the most is Pizza. How was it? Did you enjoy your time here?

The pizza in Naples is the best pizza we've ever had. No question about it. We still want to go back and have it again. We didn't get very long to hang out there though so we didn't see a great deal of the city. But the party was really fun and the food was good. We left with smiles on our faces anyway.

6) We're done. Say goodbye to our readers in your favourite language and leave us your present top 5

1. Peter & The Magician - Twist
2. Flight Facilities - Foreign Language ft. Jess
3. Holy Ghost! - Jam For Jerry
4. Madonna - Into The Groove (Kolombo Edit)
5. Flight Facilities - Feeling (Jonny Pow!! Remix)

Grazie, Merci, Arrivedercci & Au Revoir!

✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

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