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Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Manaré

Manaré is a very young talent and we fell in love with his music at first sight. So we're very happy to introduce him to you.

1) Hi, introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey everybody, my name is Manaré, i'm 19 years old i live in Paris and i'm a dj / producer / party promoter

2) When did you start to approach the music?

I started to approach music making at 14 years old. I first approached music as his simple term when i was born i guess because of my dad / big brother / sister !

3) Your father was a musician and he loved jazz music and this thing comes out from your works. How do you describe your sound?

I wouldn't put a special description on my sound, i just do what i love on the moment !
My tastes pretty much evolved with the time we're all influenced by what we're surrounded by and what we discover each and everyday.
It also - of course - depend on the inspirations i have, jazz, funk, or whatever i've not chosen to love : i'm just born with it !

4) Describe us the process that leads to the creation of your song

I don't have a special process, sometimes i found ideas walking down the street, sometimes i just feel like doing music, sometimes i also don't !
I can begin by the beats, sometimes i have melodies in my head.
I really don't know actually it depends on my mood. I need tidiness and a good sound system if possible !

5) What's the plans for 2011?

2011, new ep for Youngunz but also loads of collaborations and remix !
First gig outside Europe : See you SAO POLO beginning of march !
Might try and make it for Miami also !
I have projects also for my parisian peeps, for my own image and even outside music !

Stay tuned !

6) We've finished. Greets the readers in your preferred language and suggest us a song.

I'm actually being listening to it so let's say :
Chaos in the CBD - Birthday Song

Upcoming straight onto your ears !

This is one his first track (the other on his soundcloud)
Speakeasy (Original Mix) by Manaré

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