martedì 15 febbraio 2011

Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Benjamin Diamond

We are very pleased with the interview today. It's about the glorious Benjamin Diamond.

1) Hello there, where are you now?

right now, just came back from belgium, i'm home.
2) For the few people don't know you yet, who is Benjamin Diamond?

I'm a french singer, producer, musician and dj, i live in Paris France and i'm 38.
3) Your music career can be divided in two part: before and after the music project "Stardust". How does this collaboration come up?

Alan Braxe wich is also a Part of the stardust's project is a good friend of mine for a long time
In 1998, he introduced me to Thomas Bangalter after doing a Ep (Vertigo) on Roulé (thomas bangalter's label)
We shared some good music and had fun all together, and decided to do music together at last
we did few songs and we finnaly we made "Music sounds better with you"
4) How has it changed your approach to music?

you know, when you're doing a hit such has we did, it change a lots of things , you have new friends etc :-)
but seriously, it is more easy after that to do what you always wanted to do ... i mean doing a label ... so i go to your next question :-)
5) You founded in 2000 your own label "Diamondtraxx". How is the producer experience?

I always thought that the money from the music must go back to the music, and that's what i did during 10 years.
i stopped the label last year, and founded a Studio.
Now i have a new structure, "LicornMusic", dedicated only to produce, doing only music, and not taking care of buisness to much
6) You're coming to Loop Discoclub on 5th of March. What should people expect from your performance?

i'm very glad to come back in Italy, during the 00, i had a few top 10, and i know that Italian audience is rockin'...
I'm going to Dj this time, not doing a live performance, but i will probably sing, which is the thing i do the best:-)
7) We have finished, greets the followers in your preferred language and suggest us a song.

Content de vous voir et de vous entendre
i will suggest a song from my new Project "Mirage"

Assassin assassine (demo new edit) by ▲MIRAGE french band▲

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