sabato 29 gennaio 2011

Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Aleksandra Niepsuj

L'intervista di oggi è all'illustratrice Aleksandra Niepsuj.

1. Hi Alex, introduce yourself to our followers
Hi! How are you doing? I'm 24 years old and I'm from Poland. For the last few years I have done a variety of work, including book, poster, package and visual identity design, editorial illustration, children's books and animation. I lately graduated from the Fine Art Academy in Lodz, holding the MFA degree in book design. I guess that my interest has always been in creating images and telling stories, that could bring smile on someone's face. Most of my drawings are based on the ambiguity of the language and simple metaphors. I love to play with words and meanings. I hate to wake up early in the morning and I love to give nuts to squirrels.
2. You're very young but you have already done some important works. I mean, we chatted with Ester Grossi and she said you have worked together for the artwork of the last ep of A classic education. How did it happen?
Honestly, I have no idea. As I was studying in Portugal, I decided to start running my first blog. The aim was to keep in touch with friends, to show how I'm doing via drawings and comic strips. Some friends have added my blog to their blogrolls. Then friends of friends linked it. And then friends of friends' friends did the same. It all ended with strangers reading my blog and with strangers contacting me about artistic cooperation. I was very happy to work with Ester and A classic education, just love them all, as artists and as people.

3. What are your favorite brands of ink?
My favourites brands of ink are those which do not leave permanent stains on my cuffs and fingertips :).
4. Tell us some illustrators who have inspired you
My influences vary quite a bit - from great painters to smart minimalist designers. I really love all the artists of the famous Polish School of Poster, who managed to combine art and design, by using vivid colors, hand-made typography, popular symbols and inventive metaphor in one poster at the same time. It significantly influenced the my development as a graphic designer. I also higly appreciate the job of Polish ilustrators at that time (beginning in the 1950s and through the 1980s). Simplicity, intelligence and an uncompromising wit are of great value to me. All in all, I find it impossible to name one or even ten favourite illustrators.

5. We have finished, greets the followers in your preferred language and suggest us a song
Cześć i joł ! Recent favourite song is an optimistic vibe, performed by Steely Dan “Only A Fool Would Say That”

Alcune delle sue illustrazioni. Le altre le trovate nel suo blog.

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