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Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Linnea Jönsson (Those Dancing Days)

Those Dancing Days have announced new album "Daydreams And Nightmares" to be released in March 2011. We chatted with Linnea, the singer, to take stock of the situation.

1) Hi, introduce yourself to our followers
My name is Linnea and I am the singer in Those dancing days
2) How did you come up with the name "Those Dancing Days"?
Our bass player Mimmi was searching through her Itunes library for some good sounding names and found "Dancing days" by Led Zeppelin. We liked it and decided to put a "Those" in front so it would stand out a bit more. A very big name but we have grown into it now, at least we think so.
3) How would you describe your "musical journey" from the beginnings to the present.
Our journey has been going on for five years now so it would take a while for me to describe it. But I guess we are much more secure in our selves and our music now than when we started of course. We have learned a lot, both good and bad. It's hard growing up in such a different world that the music business really is but as long as we do music because we love it, thats all we need. And with that we have made a really good new record that we can't wait for people to hear!
4) Have you got plans for the next futures? Album, gigs?
Our new album is coming out soon, feb/march, so we are going on a tour in europe that starts in february and then a lot of other gigs of course!
5) What do you have in your ipod?
I have an Ipod but I never use it. Don't really listen that much to music, but when I do it's when I have time to relax in my own home and usually soul or something sad.
6) We have finished, greets the followers in your preferred language and suggest us a song.
Hello to all of you reading this! I don't now any italian so I'm just gonna leave it there.
Take care!
Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the moonlight

Here, you can listen to "I'll be yours"  from the forthcoming album "Daydreams And Nightmares".

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