domenica 12 dicembre 2010

Il brano della domenica

Il brano di questa domenica è di un giovane artista, Mickey.
Presto potrete leggere le sue risposte succose alle nostre domande secche , per ora vi basti questa piccola bio...

Mickey started from a very young age being interested in the sounds of the of 60’s, 70’s, ‘80’s till the music of today. At the beginning of this century he takes the decks to mix and produce his own music and becomes oe of the resident DJ’s at the infamous “Libertine Supersport’ in the Belgian capital Brussels! There he plays with the local heroes like Villa, Mustang, Aeroplane, amongst International guests!
Now from his early twenties after having sharpened his sound and scoured the clubs,he released his first E.P on Relish Records and appears firmly as one of the promising talents of the scene . Go Mickey Go!!!

... e cosa dicono di lui alcuni "addetti ai lavori":
Heard somestuff a while ago, couldn’t wait for a  release ! Headman got the good ears...

The Magician
Already supporting and playing this since a couple of weeks! I love the guy, I love his stuff! He’s one of the most talented belgian! Forza Mickey!

Il brano della domenica di oggi, si chiama "Magnitude".
Ladies and Gentlemen, buon ascolto:

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