lunedì 27 dicembre 2010

Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Kisses

photo by Jessica Koslow

Le domande secche di oggi sono per Kisses.

1) Hi, introduce yourself to our followers.
Hey I am Jesse from the group Kisses. I live in Los Angeles with Zinzi, the other member of Kisses. I have been to Italy twice. Once many years ago I went to Venice and once about five years ago I went to visit an x girlfriend in Rome and saw one of the best concerts of my life, Antony and the Johnsons in a gorgeous new concert hall, don't remember the name though.

2) How did you come up with the name "Kisses"?

It is a shout out to my close family friend Alec R. Costandinos and his project in the 70's Love and Kisses

3) How do you describe your sound?

Melancholy dance music. It's strictly for after hours partying, 4am when the club is closing.

4) Are there any musicians who inspire you?

5) "So keep your heart strong and love long and give kisses when you can". This sounds like poetry, how do you write your songs?

I sit down with a guitar or keyboard and see what happens

6) Have you got plans for the next future?

No plans just some hopes. It's so difficult to plan things these days!

7) We've finished. Greets the followers in your preferred language and recommend us a song.

Nice to meet you! If you can find it listen to our Other Planets EP. 

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