mercoledì 1 dicembre 2010

Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | Highbloo

Domande secche per il golden boy Luca aka Highbloo.
1)Hi Luca, introduce yourself to our followers.

Hi peeps ! here's highbloo introducing himself ;) 
I'm a dj and producer from Belgium ! i'm 20 and i have been touring  a lot for 6 month now. 
i was lucky enough to sign on lektroluv records and already made 2 releases on it, which were
playlisted by big names like Crookers, Brodinski, Dr. lektroluv
i played all the big festivals here in belgium this year as Pukkelpop, Dour, 10 days off 
and i come to italy in december to play 4 gigs ! Venezia, Milano, Salerno and Rimini. 
2)How did you come up with the name "Highbloo"?

no explanation for this actually ! i just had to pick one to make my own myspace hahaha 
3)Are there any musicians who inspire you?

well actually i have been inspired by a lot of music since ever ! i couldn't name one 
out of all the music i have listened to, i think it's the whole thing that made me the 
musician i am right now and there will always be a lot of things that will change my 
way to see my own music. as we are always students in music ! 
4) Have you got plans for the next future? 

of course ! i wanna do more music and keep on touring as i do now ! 
i will also start a side project with another great producer but can't tell about it now ;) 
and probably releasing some stuffs on another label but i can't also tell you now hahaha . 
5)We've finished. Greets the followers in your preferred language and recommend us a song.

aight peeps! hope this will help you knowing me a bit better ! thanks for taking your time 
reading this interview ;) 

a song i recomand you : Primus - Ballad of bodacious 


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