giovedì 18 novembre 2010

Feadz - TUFF EP

Si chiamerà “The Unfinished Feadz Fairytale” il nuovo EP di Feadz.
A presentarlo è il maestro Busy P in persona:
I am proud to announce the release of FEADZ third EP on ED REC
As I often explain, I was impressed by FEADZ beats when he used to be on BPITCH CONTROL
Not that I wanted to take him away from Ellen Alien’s hottest label,
but I knew he needed a french family to look after him.
He officially joins the Ed Banger forces in 2007 with one of my all time favourite “Edwrecker” on ED REC vol II.
A year before, he was responsible for the birth of an alien, not Ellen, UFFIE
He produced “Pop the Glock” her ultimate hit, introduced her to Paris club scene, teached her how to hold a mic, been a real guide for her.
FEADZ is scared of success, not even sure he is interested in it, he is one of those who still fight and I like it. Fight for aunthenticity, fight for experimentation, he is free to go wherever he wants, I will support him, and follow him. We often have arguments, but always ends up with a record that I am proud of. Like this new “The Unfinished Feadz Fairytale” EP, yes another EP, not an abum, he is a real club DJs, in fact he is ED REC’s best DJ and releasing 12″ and touring the clubs is his passion.
Vi ricordiamo che Feadz insieme a quel genio di Breakbot suoneranno il prossimo 7 dicembre @ Loop club.
Qui le info per l'evento.

Feadz_"Tuff"(video teaser) from L'Enregistreur on Vimeo.

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