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Domande Secche Per Risposte Succose | The Magician

Per questa puntata della nostra rubrica vi presentiamo Stephen Fasano, metà Aeroplane, con il suo progetto The Magician.
1)Hi, Stephen. Introduce yourself to our followers
I'm Stephen Fasano, I live in Brussels but my roots are Italian. I founded Aeroplane with Vito De Luca in 2007 and now I moved to my own project who is The Magician.

2) How did you come up with the name "The Magician"?
It's actually my girlfriend who found the name. She thinks that for some reasons I'm a magic man.. At the beginning, I wasn't sure but my second level of humor approved it.
Then all the story came out of my mind.. We made the character live!

3)Are there any musicians who inspire you?
Brian Ferry, Jacno, Human League, Abba and all the Italo disco and synth-pop from the 80's.

4)Have you got plans for the next future?
I just made a remix for the french band "The Aikiu" for their new single "The Red Kiss". It's going to be release in January on Abracada rec. and you can have a listen on my soundcloud page.
I'm currently working on my own stuff, an EP is in the pipeline! I'm also working with Yuksek for a side project.
5)Can you tell us something about the collabo with yuksek?

We talked at calvi on the rock festival this summer about making music together. I've been to his studio in France 1 month ago, we made a first track and we're both happy with the result. 
I'm going back there next week to do another one!

6)We've finished. Greets the followers in your preferred language and recommend us a song.
Grazie per l'intervista!, I recommend you the Twin Shadow album, which is for me the best album of 2010! Also check what Herr Styler are doing! They are Italians too ;-)

7)Remember, we want you in italy as soon as possible.
I'm coming to Napoli in march! looking forward to it!

Magic Tape Five by TheMagician

The Aikiu - The Red Kiss (The Magician "Precious 80s" Dub) by TheMagician


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